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SavingTogether launch the UK's first discount trade card for all online purchases.

Join the millions of people across the world who are already Saving Together by trading together, saving up to an incredible 45% off utility services, finance and every day / luxury products.

Simply tell us what you want, click on “GO” then sit back and watch the cost fall as more people join you. More people, more power more discount. Impossible to achieve alone or with a price comparison service.

For all your bills simply click on the products/services you want to reduce and click “GO”. To obtain the maximum discount

For shopping, just type in the name of the product you want & click “GO”.

We just need a few basic details so that we can update you as prices fall

SavingTogether is without question the biggest game changer in discount shopping ever launched.

Saving Together uses the enormous power of people to slash the cost of living by consolidating thousands of like for like requests across the country, then using huge volume to force discounts never achieved before – impossible to achieve on your own or using services such as price comparison websites that only give you the best price on one product and only with the suppliers who advertise with them.

From your utilities and mortgage/loan interest rates to the best smartphone contract, there is nothing SavingTogether can’t get cheaper. A recent poll showed that by using SavingTogether.com to discount not only general shopping but all your finances a family of four living in London can save over £15,000 every year.

Cheaper utilities and finance

The SavingTogether discount card will work across all your bills such as electricity, gas, broadband, mobile phone contracts, mortgages and loans. In many cases we can actually freeze your interest until the loan is paid off, so you’re not just paying endless interest without paying a penny off the actual balance.

Simply call your providers with your card number & your discount will start the same day.

Credit Card

As you can see from our press section we have a lot of support with Saving Together. Not just saving you money on products but on household bills including finance, loans, credit cards, mortgages. Anything you pay out we can reduce with a simple card to present to your suppliers.

We understand how consuming and difficult it is to negotiate with the ‘big 6’ as they are referred to. It’s nearly impossible to have bargaining power as a single person but as part of a huge group, it’s a very very different story as we have proven with Saving Together. Even switching suppliers is difficult and not a great deal cheaper, even if you tie yourself into a long contract. All you have to do is enter your basic details & your suppliers with what you currently pay per year & we’ll do the rest!

Happy SavingTogether.com

The Big Deal in the Press

“By harnessing the power of consumers, we can make it easy for people to help combat climate change, save money and support the renewables industry” – Angus MacNeil, Chair of Energy Select Committee.

“I have signed up to the Clean Energy Switch today, and I am encouraging people to do the same. Together, we can beat the Big Six, protect the environment and save money” – Tim Farron MP, Lib Dem leader.

Secretary of State for Energy Ed Davey: “I strongly welcome this.”

Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna: “It’s welcome… a good thing!”

“An exciting idea.”